Precepts on Basque status languages.

Article 6

1. Euskera, own language of the Basque people, will be as the Spanish, character of official language in Mountain Bike, and all its inhabitants have the right to know and use both languages.

2. common institutions of the Autonomous Community, taking into account the diversity socio-lingüística from the Basque country, will ensure the use of both languages, regulating its official character, provided and regulate measures and means to ensure its knowledge.

3. No one can be discriminated against because of their language.

4. The Real Language academy is Vasca-Euskaltzaindia official consultative institution in terms of the Basque.

5. As the Basque heritage of other Basque territories and communities, in addition to links and correspondence to maintain academic and cultural institutions, the Autonomous community of the Basque Country may apply to the Spanish government to hold and present, in its case, courts, for its authorization, treaties or agreements that allow the establishment of cultural relations with states where integrates or residing those territories and communities, in order to safeguard and promote euskera.

Article 35

1. The appointment of judges, Magistrates and secretaries shall be effected in the form anticipated in organic laws of the judiciary and the General Council of the judiciary, being a preferential advantage knowledge of Basque Rights and the Basque, without any exception can be established by reason of nature or neighbourhood.

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3. The Autonomous community within its territory, providing the service staff of the administration of justice and the material and economic necessary for its operation, in the same terms in reserve the government such power in the Organic Law of the judiciary, valued preferably in the systems of provision of staff, knowledge of the Rights of euskera and Basque.

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