Linguistic precepts in the Valencian status.

Article 6

1. The language of the Valencian Majorcan is the Valencian.

2. The Valencian Language is the official in the Valencian Majorcan, as is the Spanish, which is the official language of the state. All have the right to know them and use them and to receive the teaching of, and in, Valencian language.

3. The Generalitat guarantee normal usage and the two official languages, and will adopt the necessary measures to ensure their knowledge.

4. No one can be discriminated against because of their language.

5. It would special protection and respect for the Valencian recovery.

6. The law shall establish criteria for the application of the language in the administration and teaching.

7. These will be delimited by law the territories in which the predominant use of again and language, as well as those that may be exempted of teaching and use of the language of the Valencian Majorcan.

8. L Acadèmia Valenciana of the Language is the institution Valencian Language rules.

Article 25

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5. The laws of Generalitat will be enacted, on behalf of the king, by its President and published, in both official languages in the "Official Journal of the Generalitat" within 15 days since its adoption, and in the "Official Newsletter of the state". For its entry into force will govern the publication date in the "Official Journal of the Generalitat".

Article 29

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4. All rules, regulations and acts emanating from the Consell, which by their nature so require, will be published in the "Official Journal of the Generalitat" in both official languages. In connection with the publication in the "Official Newsletter of the state", it shall be a matter for the state standard.

Article 35

1. For instance of the Generalitat, the competent body will convene competitions to fill the vacancies for Judges, magistrates, Clerks and other staff at the service of the administration of justice, in accordance with the Organic Law of the judiciary. In this resolution will take into account their expertise in civil law foral Valencian and the knowledge of the Valencian Language.

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Article 41. L Acadèmia Valenciana of the Language.

L 'Acadèmia Valenciana of the Language, the institution Generalitat public, function is to identify and develop, in its case, language Valencian Language.

The linguistic legislation de L Acadèmia Valenciana of the Language will be compulsory in all public administrations of the Valencian Majorcan.

Regarding the procedure of the appointment of its members, functions, powers, status and term of office, will have to adjust to the law de Les Corts regulating it.