Linguistic precepts in the Galician status.

Article 5

1. The language of Galicia is Galician.

2. The Spanish and Galician languages are official in Galicia and all have the right to know them and use them.

3. The public authorities de Galicia guarantee normal usage and the two official languages and enhance the use of Galician language in all walks of public life, cultural and informative, and have the means to facilitate their knowledge.

4. No one can be discriminated against by reason of the language.

Article 25

In the resolution of competitions to fill the positions of judges, magistrates, Clerks, prosecutors and all staff at the service of the administration of justice, is a preferential advantage specialization in the right Galician and knowledge of the language of the country.

Article 26

1. Notaries and registers and commercial property shall be appointed by the Autonomous Community, in accordance with the laws of the State. For the provision of notaries, candidates will be admitted to equal rights, whether exercised in the territory of Galicia as in the rest of Spain. In these competitions and oppositions preference would be given specialization in Right Galician and knowledge of the language of the country. In no case may be the exception of nature or neighbourhood.

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Article 27

Under this Statute corresponds to the Galician Autonomous Community the exclusive competence of the following subjects:

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20. The promotion and teaching of Galician language.