Linguistic precepts in the status of the Illes Balears.

Article 4. The language itself.

1. The Catalan language, own the Illes Balears, will be, along with the castellana, the character of official language.

2. All have the right to know it and use it, and no one can be discriminated against by reason of the language.

3. Institutions Balears Illes guarantee normal usage and the two official languages, shall take the necessary measures to ensure their knowledge and create conditions conducive to full equality of the two languages with regard to the rights of citizens of the Illes Balears.

Article 14. Rights in relation to public administrations.

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3. The citizens of the Illes Balears will have the right to contact the administration of the autonomous community in any of its two official languages and receive response in the same language used.

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Article 35. Teaching of the language itself.

The Autonomous Community has exclusive competence for the teaching of the Catalan language, characteristic of the Balears Illes, according to the native literary tradition. Normalize It will be a goal of the authorities of the Autonomous Community.

Island patterns of Catalan ¸ of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera will be object of study and protection, without prejudice to the unity of the language.

The advisory official institution for everything that refers to the Catalan language will be the university of the Illes Balears. The Autonomous Community of the Illes Balears may participate in an institution addressed to safeguard the linguistic unity, formed by all communities that recognize have joint official of the Catalan language.

Article 97. Vacancies and resolution of competitions and oppositions.

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2. In the resolution of the competitions and oppositions to fill the positions of magistrates and judges preference would be given the specialization in Civil law of the Illes Balears and knowledge of Catalan.

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Article 99. Notaries and records.

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2. Notaries, registrars of property, commercial and movable shall be appointed by the Autonomous Community in accordance with state laws. For the provision of these squares merit will be preferred specialization in Civil law of the Illes Balears and knowledge of the Catalan language. In no case may be the exception of nature and neighbourhood.

Second additional provision. Linguistic heritage common.

The Autonomous Community of the Illes Balears, the Catalan language also heritage of other autonomous communities, it may request the state government and the General Cuts the conventions of cooperation and collaboration that they deem appropriate to safeguard the linguistic heritage common, as well as to make cultural communication between communities mentioned above, without prejudice to the duties of the state as defined in paragraph 2 of Article 149 of the constitution and article 145.